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About Us

Our Mission

These are the guiding principles of Focal Point Security and Patrol Services. As the old saying goes, ‘where your focus goes, your energy flows.’ Well, our creative and imaginative energy flow toward our laser focus on providing the best value to our customers in terms of protection and security. As a business owner, you know full well, that it only takes one negative event to turn an otherwise profitable year into a massive loss. We know how high the stakes are and this is why we are so focused on maximizing our clients’ peace of mind.

About Our Founder

Focal Point Security and Patrol Services is licensed in California (PPO#17840) and based in the Bay Area. We offer many years of solid security experience and led by our founder who served and helped Kaiser Hospital and Oakland Children’s Hospital enjoy truly top notch security through his positions in those companies. These are huge institutional premises with very exacting security needs. Our founder knows the ins and outs of putting together a security program that maximizes the peace of mind of both the institutional client as well as the client’s own patrons. We don’t let anything to chance. By focusing on a solid security plan, Focal Point Security and Patrol Services delivers a solid security service package that enables our clients to breathe easy.

Guards are trained in:

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