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Custom Security Guard Services in Oakland, CA

Focal Point Security specializes in providing custom security services based on individual client needs. For over 10 years, Focal Point has been providing custom tailored services to our clients while delivering the highest level of protection for their properties. We were founded on the values of honesty, integrity and respect with an emphasis on quality and optimal security measures; this focus is what sets us apart from all other security companies out there, as we work to provide peace of mind for both our customers and their patrons.

Patrol and Guard Services

Security is our business. Whether you need security guard for your construction site, residential building, business, warehouse, schools, events or any type of publicly accessible building, you need a security company that focuses on customer service and optimal security. This emphasis is what sets Focal Point Security and Patrol Services apart from the competition. We work to maximize the peace of mind of both our clients and the patrons and customers that frequent the locations our customers control or own.

Serving the


We work to maximize our clients’ peace of mind by offering them security for locations like:

  • Construction sites
  • Apartments
  • Other community housing Locations
  • Commercial facilities
  • Industrial complexes
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Schools
  • Firewatch

Focal Point Security and Patrol Services is the security company that will change how you think about crime prevention. We don’t just want to stop threats in progress, we also want to make sure any potential threats are taken care of before they happen.

Licensed, Insured, & Uniformed Guards

If you are looking for a truly professional security company that shares the high level of regard and concern you have for your assets, you need not look any further than Focal Point Security and Patrol Services. This is precisely the reason why many of our customers have been with us year after year-they can see our dedication to world class security and customer protection in all aspects of our operations. Not only are our security personnel fully and thoroughly trained, we make it a point to always remain up to date when it comes to the latest and greatest security and surveillance technology.

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